Frequently Asked Questions

Scatterling - A Complete Worker Safety Monitoring Solution

Do you Provide Setup and Training?

Getting your system setup and configured is part of our job, and making sure your staff are trained and comfortable makes for happy workers Scatterling provides support tools, consultation, training and resources to ensure that implementing Scatterling is easy for your organization and all of your staff.

What mobile devices does Scatterling work with?

We will work with you to ensure you have the best devices for each of your staff, working in the confines of your existing device policies It is common for organizations to have a variety of devices, or device restrictions.  The Scatterling App is available to download on Google Play and Apple App Store.

 Solutions Consultants will work with your team to ensure that you can get the best value from your existing devices, and ensure an easy integration with any new devices you wish to bring on. Scatterling is also device ubiquitous so you may select any supported devices on any networks, and you won’t be locked in to purchasing purpose built hardware which will become out of date.

How does your service work on Higher Risk Situations?

Flexible check-in timers let you set a short interval for a quick response.

 The check-in system is great for day to day activities, but what about if you are doing something where you feel at higher risk? This might be as simple as climbing a tall ladder, to entering a building for the first time where you don’t know the dangers on the other side of the door. Scatterlings flexible check-in timers allows you to set shorter time intervals for check-ins, meaning that if you are in a higher risk situation, your timer will lapse and notification will be sent sooner. Scatterling also even has a “High Risk Check-in” feature, where if a timer is set for a very short interval, then the system will not even wait for reminders if you miss your check-in, and instead declare a panic emergency on your behalf, should you get in distress.

What if I am Out of Cell Range?

Don't worry, Scatterling still has you covered. All the smarts are in the back end so you're still safe; or connect your satellite device.

One common concern when working alone is your ability to be able to Check-In or declare in areas with poor/spotty Cellular coverage, or complete lack of cellular coverage. Scatterling is familiar with these situations and is able to offer several solutions. If you have only a cellular device, then you can change your usage protocols and check-in times to account for going in and out of cellular range. You can also even perform your check-ins from fixed location devices like landlines, payphones, or wifi hotspots. But if you are regularly working out of range, Scatterling can integrate with various satellite solutions, like Sat phones or SPOT devices, to provide you will full coverage when out of range. You can even switch between your smartphone and your SPOT seamlessly as you go in and out of range. But even if you can’t get a signal, the nature of Scatterlings check-in system will ensure that an emergency signal is sent when your timer lapses, even if you’re out of range. Talk to one of our Scatterling Consultants to help with your specific needs.

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