Worker Safety Monitoring for Hotels

Hotel housekeeping staff who enter rooms alone face the potential risk of an assault from a guest is a daily concern.  Other hospitality staff such as night shift managers and front desk also work alone during odd hours also face risk of assault, sexual harassment, and violence in the workplace.  A recent survey conducted by Unite Here, a labor union that represents workers in the hospitality industry found that 53 percent of housekeepers said they had experience some form of harassment over the course of their careers.

Scatterling aims to solve this problem by providing hotel staff with a peace of mind.  Our check-in system allows hotel and hospitality staff to check-in before and intervals during their shift depending on hazard risk level.  In addition Scatterling provides personal Bluetooth panic button also referred to as employee safety device (ESD) that allows employees to summon help in an emergency if they feel they are in danger.  There are several states with policies in place and pending proposals include California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, New York, Florida, and Washington DC. Many hotel chains from small boutique establishments to franchise hotels are looking to get ahead of the proposed legislation and offering personal Bluetooth panic buttons to their staff.

How can Scatterling help?


Proactive notifications

Scatterling does not require a worker to signal for help manually.  For example, if a housekeeper was to get in trouble and can’t call for help, Scatterling will sound an alarm once the timer expires and notifies other co-workers and the housekeeping manager that they need help.



A housekeeper cleaning a room at odd hours of the night can customize the check-in timer of the app for a high risk scenario, by shortening the check-in duration to under 15 minutes. If a staff member does not check-in within this set interval, all of the emergency contacts set to receive notifications will be contacted immediately. If a housekeeper was to enter a room in the middle of the night they may face being confronted with hotel guest who are irate or intoxicated. If they did not confirm they are safe after the scheduled room visit, a coworker and supervisor would be immediately notified of a possible emergency, and be sent the exact location, and any other details the housekeeper have previously supplied, such as voicemails and work itinerary.


Emergency Panic button:

Scatterling also has integration to manually signal for help with a blue tooth panic button. When triggered, all of the emergency contacts will be notified of a confirmed emergency, and sent any voicemails that have previously recorded, details of location, and work profile.



Scatterling can be used on any device, such as smartphones, laptops, landlines, and pagers, that employees might already be carrying with them. Therefore, they do not need to carry any new or excess equipment with them at any time.


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