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ebook: Safety roi

This guide will show you what the real cost of a workplace injury is, what kind of an ROI you can expect by investing in Safety Culture, and gives you important questions to ask of any Safety Solutions for your workplace

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ebook: Hazard ASSESSMENT

In the process of doing a hazard assessment for your workplace, it is almost a certainty you’ll learn information about the operational aspects of your organization you were unaware of prior to the assessment.

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eBook: Buyers guide to work alone safety technology

When starting a work alone safety program, you need to consider both your organization and your employees.

When technology is integrated into a safety program, people can become overwhelmed and lose focus on what matters. Any technology that you purchase should complement your safety program, and not the other way around.

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Webinar: Technology and Workplace Violence for Health and Care Workers

On February 27th 2019, we hosted a webinar, Technology and Workplace Violence for Health and Care Workers. We created this webinar in order to assist healthcare professionals, health care non-profits, and associations by providing information about violence in the workplace and the inherent risk of visiting a client’s home, and how to overcome those risks.


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