Worker Safety Monitoring for Oil and Gas

When oil prices are low, it’s more important than ever for a safety tool to provide both flexibility and value. When it comes to work alone safety for oil and gas workers, options range from service providers to dedicated equipment.  While dedicated devices have unique strengths, purchasing a service is the most flexible option.  Investing in dedicated safety devices means assuming your workforce won’t change in size, and single-purpose devices will also need replacing over time. 

Cloud based safety software services like Scatterling gives you flexibility without the uncertain pricing of call centers.  Software solutions to lone worker safety for oil and gas workers let you to stay connected using a variety of devices. If you’re already set up for communication at an intrinsically safe work site, you likely have everything you need. If you don’t have equipment, software solutions let you choose devices that get used for more than just safety. Without the need to plan your equipment around safety, you can get the best value from your purchases.  

Devices that can be used with a software monitoring service include phones, smartphones, satellite devices, and computers. Each of these communication tools provides unique benefits. Satellite devices can provide communications for workers while off the grid. An internet connection can turn any computer or tablet into a work alone safety tool. With intrinsically safe smartphones and smartphone cases becoming more common, workers can even use their own devices. 

How can Scatterling help?


Proactive notifications

Scatterling does not require a worker to signal for help manually.  For example, if a worker was to get in trouble and can’t call for help, Scatterling will sound an alarm once the timer expires and let the monitor know they need help.



Depending on the hazard risk scenario, workers can set their check-in duration to under 15 minutes or every hour.  If the worker misses a check in a co-worker and supervisor would be immediately notified of a possible emergency, and be sent the exact location, and any other details the worker have previously supplied, such as voicemails and work itinerary. 


Emergency Panic button:

Scatterling also has integration to manually signal for help with a blue tooth panic button. When triggered, all of the emergency contacts will be notified of a confirmed emergency, and sent any voicemails that have previously recorded, details of location, and work profile.



Scatterling can be used on any device, such as smartphones, laptops, landlines, and pagers, that employees might already be carrying with them. Therefore, they do not need to carry any new or excess equipment with them at any time.


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