Scatterling is a cloud based worker safety monitoring & management tool for workers exposed to low and high risk environments. Our product is accessible on a smartphone app, desktop web portal, and can be integrated with IoT wearable and satellite devices.

Use Your Existing Devices With The Scatterling App

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Purchasing additional dedicated devices for safety check-in can add up cost. Considering workers today are already equipped with the latest smartphone devices, the Scatterling App allows your workers to check-in from anywhere with a reliable cellular coverage. The smartphone app allows for voice or text messages, send GPS, man down detection or signal for help with the push of a button.

Scatterling is available on Google Play, Apple App Store, and Amazon Appstore.



Scatterling allows you to dial-in to check-in or declare a panic emergency. Monitors will also be notified by text and real phone calls whenever help is required.

The Scatterling Phone interface means that Workers and Monitors can get an effective work alone solution with even the most basic of phones, including landlines and basic cellular phones, or even Satellite phone. Staff can dial-in to a toll-free number to perform all commands, and even setup speed-dials for one-button Check-ins and Panic commands. They can also receive check-in reminders by telephone call, while Monitors can receive emergency notifications by telephone call and SMS text messages.

Scatterling Web App Interface

The Scatterling web interface portal can be used from any web browser on any computer or tablet for check-ins, monitoring, reporting and administration.

Administrators have full access to run reports, change user settings, reconfigure settings for the organization, modify notification structures, and more. Workers can edit personal settings and perform their required commands such as check-in, and view their workforce journey. Monitors can receive emergency notifications, as well as view worker histories, GPS maps, profiles, or step through Emergency Response Procedures during an emergency. Monitors can also generate incident reports on-demand.

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Satellite Devices

Use Satellite Phones with the automated telephone system, or integrate your personal satellite messenger devices, like the SPOT or InReach device. SPOT is the communications device. Scatterling is the Worker Safety and Monitoring Service. SPOT is a great communication device to call for help in an emergency and log GPS location, in the same way that your cellular phone can be used to call 911 in an emergency. Scatterling is the monitoring service that automatically and continuously tracks the Worker via the SPOT communication device detecting when a Worker may need help (check-in timer and panic button), notifying trained responders, and providing the responders with information and instructions on how to respond. The combination of Device and the Scattlering service provides a complete Solution.

Bluetooth Panic Button

The Scatterling wearable panic button* is compatible with the Scatterling mobile app. The lone worker panic button is a wearable Bluetooth accessory that allows employees to declare an emergency discreetly without having to take out their mobile device.

*Only available as an add on service with a Scatterling subscription


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