Worker Safety Monitoring for Government Employees

Civil service employees or civic servants work in a variety of fields that deliver a broad range of public services. These services include sanitation, public utility work, streets, public library, schools, transportation, health department, emergency services and more. Performing duties presents everyday risk to all employees which include unique social and environmental risk. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States has reported in 2018 nearly 500 work related fatalities in the Government (Federal, State, and Local) sector.  While many organizations still use traditional check-in procedures to ensure safety of lone workers, this approach has been proven not fast enough and does not enable precise real-time location.  Scatterling provides an automated worker safety monitoring system available 24/7 on your workers connected device with added features such as missed check-in alarms, panic button integration, man-down detection and more.  

Do you have the right process available for your workers when help is needed?  

How can Scatterling help?


Proactive notifications

Scatterling does not require a worker to signal for help manually.  For example, if a worker was to get in trouble and can’t call for help, Scatterling will sound an alarm once the timer expires and let the monitor know they need help.



Depending on the hazard risk scenario, workers can set their check-in duration to under 15 minutes or every hour.  If the worker misses a check in a co-worker and supervisor would be immediately notified of a possible emergency, and be sent the exact location, and any other details the worker have previously supplied, such as voicemails and work itinerary. 


Emergency Panic button:

Scatterling also has integration to manually signal for help with a blue tooth panic button. When triggered, all of the emergency contacts will be notified of a confirmed emergency, and sent any voicemails that have previously recorded, details of location, and work profile.



Scatterling can be used on any device, such as smartphones, laptops, landlines, and pagers, that employees might already be carrying with them. Therefore, they do not need to carry any new or excess equipment with them at any time.


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