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This webinar aired on Feb 27, 2019

We created this webinar in order to assist healthcare professionals, health care non-profits, and associations by providing information about violence in the workplace and the inherent risk of visiting a client’s home, and how to overcome those risks.


Preventing Violence

Violence against healthcare workers is a growing problem in the industry. While no one is immune to violence, being armed with the knowledge to diffuse a hazardous situation can mean the difference between life and death.

Understanding Risks and Hazards Before They Happen

The key to practicing safe work habits is identifying any and all risks before they ever pose a threat. We teach you how to identify these risks and what to do about them.

Safe Working Strategies

Understanding the risks of working alone is only half the battle. To stay safe, workers must know how to handle themselves and their environment. We provide key strategies for health care professionals that provide remote care, and for handling aggressive or agitated clients.

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About The Speaker:

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KYLE TOUHEY - President of Scatterling

Kyle Touhey has been working with Tsunami to provide remote worker safety solutions since 2004. Mr. Touhey has formal technical education, as well as a background in Product and Marketing. He recently created Scatterling as a variant of our existing SafetyLine technology to better meet the needs health and home care workers' needs in the USA, or anyone else exposed to possible Violence in the Workplace. 

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