A Complete Worker Safety Monitoring Solution

Scatterling is a cloud based worker safety management tool for monitoring the everyday safety of your workers.

When every second matters, Scatterling is an automated system available 24/7 on your connected devices, with features such as missed check-in alarms, panic button integration, Man Down Detection, and the benefit is that workers can get help even when they can’t call for help themselves.

No matter your organization and workforce size, Scatterling is ready to protect your people.


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Our mission is to provide a quick safety response, reduce liability and to help you cut costs. Using Scatterling worker safety solution solves the problem of organizations needing a way to monitor & locate their workers while resolving situations when emergencies happen. We help companies with an effective worker safety & monitoring service that is able to be used with most common devices, anywhere there is cellular, internet or satellite connectivity, at any time.


Respond Quickly & Address Violence

Provide your workers with an effective tool to declare panic or automatically detect if they need help.


Limit Risk & Liability Exposure

Reduce your risk of litigation and cost with preventative technology, and be prepared if something does happen.


Improve Operational Cost

A work safety program to help reduce expenses by improving operational efficiencies and reduce downtime.


Proactive Monitoring

Check-in monitoring, smart sensors and motion technologies help detect emergencies even if the worker is disabled.


Emergency Panic

Signal for help with a shake-for-panic feature, or the push of a button in the Scatterling App or on a Bluetooth device.


Easy Reporting

Generate reports with GPS and check-in history, to manage your people or to show incident reports & show compliance.


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Visit our blog to learn more about Scatterling


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