What is Connected Safety?

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We’ve all seen the buzz word #connectedsafety on the web recently and might have been asking what is Connected Safety and how should I apply it to my safety at work? Connected Safety is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform designed to connect workers, places, and equipment, and help organizations to facilitate improvements in worker safety, workflow, and safety process automation. So what does this mean? Let’s break it down.

The Internet of Things 

The Internet of Things is defined by the interconnection, via the Internet, of computing devices that are embedded in everyday objects (our phone, appliances, TVs, computers, cars, and so on) which enable them to send and receive data. IoT connected devices and machines hold great potential to improve the ways in which we live, work, and spend our free time. Examples of Internet of Things applications in the real world range from an entirely ‘smart’ home that adjusts heating and lighting automatically, to a smart factory that checks industrial machines to look for problems. The world we live in today consists of more IoT connected devices than humans. These connected devices that we may use include wearables like smartwatches, Bluetooth panic buttons or handheld devices, such as smartphones, that communicate via networks or cloud-based platforms. The real-time observations collected from IoT data is fueling the digitally transforming world in which we live in. In particular, the Internet of Things also promotes countless positive changes for health and safety. 

Cloud-Based Connected Safety 

“Cloud-based” is a term that encompasses all applications, services or resources that are available to the general public, on-demand, via the Internet. Companies usually make use of cloud-based software as a method of increasing capacity, improve functionality, or add services without having to add infrastructure. Connected safety is a communication tool that is used to efficiently and effectively provide employees with constant access to real-time data; making staff more mobile, flexible, and able to better perform their operations. So what does this mean for safety? 

Scatterling: A Complete Worker Safety Monitoring Solution 

Scatterling itself is a cloud-based worker safety management tool that is used to monitor the everyday safety of your workers. It’s an automated system that is available 24/7 on all your connected devices. This includes laptops, computers, and smartphones. Since our software and services are available on devices that you already own, the transition to take proactive safety measures using our products is seamless. Scatterling is ready to protect your people – regardless of your organization and workforce size. 

In general, cloud-based systems improve efficiency, save time, and help organizations stay on track when it comes to health and safety. Since cloud-based software can be accessed from anywhere using a web browser on a range of devices, processes can be streamlined, and information can be captured instantly. It’s also key when it comes to consistency within an organization since everyone has access to the same data and can, therefore, work collaboratively and openly. Cloud-based software is also trackable. This is huge for business owners, as detailed due diligence gives them both a thorough analysis of company activity and of course, peace of mind. Scatterling takes on a holistic approach with cloud-based software that handles real-time monitoring, accident reporting, check-ins, and audits. This eliminates the need for multiple individual systems that may all record, manage, and present information differently. Furthermore, Scatterling evokes a proactive approach to safety within businesses. Cloud-based monitoring software allows us to deliver efficiency, consistency, and the highest level of worker safety monitoring.  


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