hazards of working alone

Tips to Prevent Winter Workplace Accidents and Hazards

As we begin to shift from fall to winter, new hazards in the workplace need to be addressed. If companies employ workers who do most of their job outside, new considerations such as hypothermia and frostbite, pose unique risks to the workforce. These hazards, along with many others, can be safely avoided with open communication, proactive safety measures, and a thorough involvement of all staff members in your company’s safety procedures. We will look at a few of the main safety hazards in the workplace that are unique to the cold, winter months that are upon us.

Proactive and Reactive Safety Measures in the Workplace

Employees should feel confident that their health and safety are top priorities in their work environment. Although incidents in the workplace are often unpredictable, exercising proactive safety protocols not only decrease the probability of an accident occurring in the first place, they also make dealing with an incident much more manageable.

A Positive Safety Culture

Safety culture encompasses the expectations, feelings, and perspectives of employees toward the safety of all workers in an organization - it is how safety is managed in the workplace. Of course, taking a proactive approach