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Top 7 Workplace Safety Hazards in the USA

According to the National Safety Council of America, one worker is injured on the job every seven seconds. This is a very significant statistic! It means that companies must begin taking steps toward cultivating a positive safety culture. The first step is identifying common hazards and practices that could jeopardize the health and safety of employees. Here is a list that we put together of the top 7 safety hazards in the US workplace to help your company get started. 

Proactive and Reactive Safety Measures in the Workplace

Employees should feel confident that their health and safety are top priorities in their work environment. Although incidents in the workplace are often unpredictable, exercising proactive safety protocols not only decrease the probability of an accident occurring in the first place, they also make dealing with an incident much more manageable.

A Positive Safety Culture

Safety culture encompasses the expectations, feelings, and perspectives of employees toward the safety of all workers in an organization - it is how safety is managed in the workplace. Of course, taking a proactive approach