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Workplace Safety Measures and Risks in the Utility Sector


The utility sector is a broad term that encompasses companies who provide water, sewage services, electricity, dams, and natural gas. This sector is worth addressing – they provide the public with the necessary commodities that we require to carry out our everyday lives. Within the United States, there are over 3,300 utility companies with the largest being NextEra Energy, Duke Energy, and

Mitigating Risks for Lone Workers in Water Utility Companies

Lone worker safety is not limited to jobs on land; managing risks for employees at water companies is increasingly important. Unaccompanied work in water and wastewater industries poses numerous unique risks, from dangerous materials, confrontational customers, and secluded locations. Naturally, the people who are responsible for our water supply are not the first people on our minds when we turn on the shower. Not to mention, most consumer interactions with water companies are with customer service representatives or employees working in an office. But, these workers are just the tip of the ice berg within the organization. At Scatterling, we consider all of your employees.

Technology and Workplace Violence for Health and Care Workers [Recap]

On February 27th 2019,  Scatterling hosted a webinar, Technology and Workplace Violence for Health and Care Workers.  It was hosted by Scatterling’s president and founder, Kyle Touhey.  Kyle has been providing remote worker safety solutions since 2005 …