Technology and Workplace Violence for Health and Care Workers [Recap]

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On February 27th 2019,  Scatterling hosted a webinar, Technology and Workplace Violence for Health and Care Workers.  It was hosted by Scatterling’s president and founder, Kyle Touhey.  Kyle has been providing remote worker safety solutions since 2005 under Scatterlings parent company Tsunami Solutions Ltd.  Scatterling is a variant of Tsunami Solutions existing product called SafetyLine Lone Worker.  The purpose of this webinar was to educate professionals in health care and home care about the possible increasing risk of violence in the workplace.

The webinar was extremely popular and engaging for all the participants. If you happened to miss it, fill out the form below to watch the recording or visit the landing page: Technology and Workplace Violence for Health and Care Workers

Here are some of the highlights of the webinar:

The job growth in health care setting is projected to increase at 18 percent, but the demand for home health and personal care aides will far outpace the growth in this sector. With a projected increase of 41% to more than 4 million jobs in the United States by 2026.  However, there is a bit of a catch with a high turn over rate of 25% of home health care worker, due to a number of reasons as discussed during the webinar. Violence becoming common in the spectrum of directly related to an increased turnover  in health care and home care workers.

For our first poll we asked during the webinar, could violence be an issue for your organization?

75% of attendees agreed that violence is an issue, 8.33% said No and 16.67% said they were not sure.

Risk Factors and Assessment

We covered 5 categories of risk factors in the health care industry:

  1. Motor vehicles

  2. Environmental

  3. Physical injury

  4. Infectious diseases

  5. Violence

From violence injuries, the majority of cases reported are hitting, kicking, beating, and shoving.  Realistically there is no one quick fix solution for a violence prevention program.  In the webinar we discuss a number of tools and policy to prevent violence in the workplace. 

We asked the attendees of the webinar how they currently manage their employees risk exposure and the results displayed that 75% replied with basic protocols, 16.67% were not sure, and only 8.33% reported they don’t have any. From there we moved on to cover steps on developing safe working strategies, some of the categories discussed are:

  1. Establishing a violence prevention work group & enlist support

  2. How to conduct a risk assessment

  3. Developing and implementing control measures

  4. Provide technology tools

  5. And many more...

Lone Worker Monitoring Systems

Next, Kyle shared a product overview of Scatterling that can help reduce severity with a lone worker monitoring and notification system.  They include,

  1. Panic buttons

  2. Pro-Active Check-in

  3. Impact detection and location

  4. More…

The audience was asked if they were looking to implement a worker safety solution in the next 3 months:

37.5 said Yes, 37.5 reported they already have one and 25% were just not sure but interested in learning more about how Scatterling can help increase safety in their company.

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